2017 Magical Kwik Stop Christmas:

The 2017 Christmas Season has begun. As of November 15th, all Christmas trees are up and decorated at each Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's location. Each location has been designated to one of the 16 families that were selected through Catholic Charities to receive this year's Magical Christmas blessing. If you would like to fulfill a gift wish or need for a family stop by and take a tag from any tree! All tags need to be returned by December 15th - happy shopping!  

Each family receives around 60 tags with gift requests such as clothes, shoes, games, toys, and blankets. In addition to these tags, families will receive a stocking of gift cards to businesses such as ALDI, Dollar Tree, and Fareway. Laundry baskets with a fleece blanket, nonperishable foods, hygiene items, and household necessities will be given to each family.

This year their will be one large delivery on December 19 to Catholic Charities that includes the gifts for all 16 families.

Thank you to all guests and customers of our Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's locations that have helped with past generous this Magical Christmas. Without the teamwork, dedication, and generosity of everyone involved with Magical Kwik Stop Christmas, the program and these heartwarming deliveries would not be possible.