Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's are proud to participate in the Scrip program which supports families, schools and parishes in Dubuque and the surrounding tri-state area.  Scrip is an ongoing way for schools & parishes to generate money to be used for various expenses as outlined by their organization.

Scrip is a huge success as participating businesses sell gift cards to parishes and schools at a discounted rate.  Individual consumers then purchase these gift cards from their school or parish at face value.

Example: Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen, and Fazoli's sell gift cards to schools and parishes at a generous discount. Individuals (like yourself) will then purchase the gift cards from these parishes or schools at regular face value. Through each transaction, the school or parish retains the difference of the gift card's face value and the discounted price in which they purchased through Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's. Many schools and parishes offer a portion of their profit back to the individual making the purchase to be personally used toward the education of a child. Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's feel Scrip is a very worthy program in support of families, children and education in our community.

Scrip can be purchased from many national and local retailers in our community for gas, groceries, clothing, restaurants, etc. Purchasing scrip does not cost an individual any more than the value of the gift card.

Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen, and Fazoli's feel very strong that as a retailer, the SCRIP program is an excellent source in which we can give back to our community.



For more information, or to order SCRIP, please email