As of September 16, 2013, all gasoline at any branded Kwik Stop will contain a 10% alcohol blend, with the exception of 91 grade (premium). This change is a result of the Magellan pipeline system conversion from 87 conventional octane-base gasoline to 84 octane-base gasoline.
Kwik Stop on 16th Street (projected to open in March 2014) will offer these required fuels, in addition to a regular gasoline without alcohol.

Branded Kwik Stop locations will offer the following gasoline products:

  • 87 Plus (Regular) with 10% alcohol
  • 89 Plus (Plus) with 10% alcohol
  • 91 (Premium) with NO alcohol
    (marine & small engine recommended)

There are many projected advantages to the use of renewable fuels.
These advantages include:

  • United States’s dependency on foreign oil
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Domestic economic opportunities

Q: What is a renewable fuel?
A: A renewable fuel is a fuel source produced from a renewable resource. Ethanol is an example of a renewable fuel produced by the fermentation of plant sugars, typically corn.

Q: What is the difference between Kwik Stop’s 87 plus (regular), 89 plus  (plus), and 91 (premium) grade fuels?
A: 87 plus contains 87 octane and 10% alcohol, 89 plus contains 89 octane and 10% alcohol, and 91 gasoline contains 91 octane and NO alcohol.

Q: How do 87 plus and 89 plus perform in cars?
A: 87 plus and 89 plus fuels will perform similar to equivalent gasoline without ethanol.

Q: Is ethanol safe for motorcycles and boats?
A: Harley-Davidson’s owner’s manual states that, "fuels with an ethanol content of up to 10% may be used in your motorcycle without affecting vehicle performance." Ethanol-blended fuels are not recommended for marine engines or small equipment engines. To ensure that ethanol-blended gasoline is compatible with any engine, consult your owner’s manual or speak with the engine manufacturer.

If you have questions regarding Kwik Stop's renewable fuel standard, please click HERE.