At Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli's we 
promise to put customers first. We will do
in our power to earn their trust
and ensure a 
positive experience, every time.



Kwik Stop is a vibrant family owned company founded in 1923 by a group of local investors.  At the age of 30, Bernard Fahey started his 45-year career as General Manager and later as President of the company.  During his career, he distinguished the company in many ways.  At one time, Kwik Stop had seven service stations, the most in Dubuque.  He built the first drive-through car wash in Dubuque on Dodge Street, the first self-service car wash on 20th Street, and the first convenience store in Dubuque in 1970.  In 1980 the first "Kwik Stop Food Mart" was opened on Dodge Street.                       

Paul Fahey came to work with his dad when he was ten years old.  The two of them worked and learned together until his father’s death in 1985.  It was then, at age 30, that Paul took over as company President.  Left with quite a responsibility at a young age, Paul decided that the best way to find success was through the help of his employees.  He assembled a management team and together they helped form the operating philosophy that runs the company today. 

It was in 1986 when Kwik Stop's office and warehouse were forced to relocate to the current address of 2255 Kerper Boulevard due to a state highway project.  Since that move the company has had substantial growth in the retail business. 

The retail division now operates 12 Kwik Stop convenience stores, 4 Dairy Queen restaurants, and 3 Fazoli's restaurants. 

They were opened as follows:

1986: Kwik Stop located at 2255 Kerper Boulevard
1989: Kwik Stop located at 2360 Central Avenue
1990: Kwik Stop located at 2320 Hwy 61 in Key West
1990: Dairy Queen located at 2380 Gateway Drive
1995: Kwik Stop located at 4039 Pennsylvania
1998: Kwik Stop located at 110 E Jefferson Street in Delaware
2000: Dairy Queen located at 4039 Pennsylvania Avenue
2001: Kwik Stop located at 740 18th Ave SW in Dyersville
2002: Kwik Stop Conoco located at 2150 Twin Valley Drive in Key West
2002: Kwik Stop located at 2335 University Avenue
2010: Kwik Stop located at 4110 Dodge Street
2010: Kwik Stop located at 502 3rd Street in Delhi
2012: Kwik Stop located at 185 Peosta Street in Peosta
2013: Kwik Stop located at 1215 E 16th Street  
2013: Kwik Stop located at 1010 Cedar Cross Road 
2013: Kwik Stop located at 5005 10th Avenue in Marion
2013: Dairy Queen located at 1260 E 16th Street in Dubuque
2014: Kwik Stop located at 1210 E 16th Street in Dubuque
2014: Fazoli's located at 1210 E 16th Street in Dubuque
2015: Fazoli's located at 3120 Edgewood Rd SW in Cedar Rapids

2015: Kwik Stop/DQ located at 185 Peosta St. in Peosta

2016: Kwik Stop/Fazoli's at 3338 JFK Road in Dubuque

The growth of this company is directly attributed to its customers and to the dedicated people who bring their ideas and hard working attitude to work every day.